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The P218LEX is a high performance cardioid subwoofer.The cabinet is loaded with two long excursion 18” neodymium transducers, utilizing a NCR (Neck Coupling Reinforcement) membrane for a power capability of 3.200 W (RMS). The extended controlled displacement (29 mm Xmax) sets new limits from the mechanical point of view. The P218LEX is tuned extremely deep down to a frequency of 27 Hz for impressively musical low frequency information. The DFP (Double Flared Bass-Reflex Port) includes a highly efficient waveguide, which reduces noise from airflow down to a minimum. The MCC (Matrix Cabinet Construction) design ensures for a highly stiff and stable wooden cabinet enclosure, which suppresses resonances highly efficient. The cabinet is constructed from plywood and is covered with weather and impact protecting Nova Polyurea Protection finish. The front of the loudspeaker is protected by a robust metal front grill with acoustically transparent foam. Each side includes four handles On top of the cabinet are cutouts for the P412. Each one M20 bolt is placed at the top and side of the subwoofer and can be used as base for a distance rod or to fix the stacking adapter. The acoustical and mechanical design enables the P218LEX to be used as a very powerfull subwoofer or extremly deep Infra Sub. The P218LEX is compatible to all P-Series and M-Series fullrange, line array or mid/high cabinets. Ideal to use where very high SPL, deep and clear subwoofer performance is needed.

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